Climate change is the biggest environmental problem facing our planet today. At Sky Green Waste our aim is to make our business practices sustainable with environment-friendly and Eco-efficient operations.

Sky Green Waste is your sustainability partner. Sky Green Waste drives sustainability by actively promoting the Reuse of e-waste. We believe, extending the life of an electronic product through reuse is the most effective way to reduce its overall environmental impact. When end-of-life e-waste is brought back into the value chain, the benefits are

  • Preserve scarce natural resources.
  • Save energy and water.
  • Reduce pollution.
  • Decrease use of landfills and incinerators.

Natural resources and energy are used to manufacture new products. Putting end-of-life products to reuse helps protect the environment by saving greenhouse gases, preserving natural resources, conserving energy and diverting hazardous substances from landfills.

Further, access to technology for those in need as an approach, reuse offers social benefits as it enables.